Let me introduce myself, my name used to be Linda.

     Ever since I can remember, my parents would dress me up in these weird uncomfortable clothes. They would take me to this building every week with lots of scary and violent pictures all over the walls and windows. They had cruel statues of a dead man nailed to a cross. Then this guy would come out and make people sing and murmur strange chants. We would have to stand, kneel and sit on cue. The so called leader wore odd hats and robes of gold and silk. He would order us to do strange things like tell him our most private thoughts and stuff we did bad. If we did not, we would spend eternity in a lake of fire, forever burning. I always thought this was unusual, and I just didn’t fit in or conform. Never the less, I respected it and prayed real hard for answers.

     On February 18,2012- my brother Robert Wells was shot to death. The sound of the bullet vibrated the same floor I stood on. The end of his life brought immediate anger. I was surrounded in my own animosity, coated with bitterness. No matter how extreme, I still woke up every day and found myself here. It depressed me to not to be able … (you know) to hit something, to just freak’ SMASH anything!! My depression forced me to contemplate, what I felt was inevitable. The only reasoning floating around was a fact; a memory of that same night my brother died. Everyone classifies it “Paranormal’. You see, just after my brother passed away he spoke to me. I heard his voice just like any other that whispers in your ear.

     I originally started writing and composing all my paranormal experiences. I thought maybe I could solve them and someday even publish it … ha ha. BUT, something happened half way. My chapters became more of a personal account or diary of my thoughts, reflection and absorption of knowledge. I trusted my instinct to follow this paranormal direction. What unfolded was an experience to claim I am AWAKE, AWARE and have a complete understanding. Some may even call it ‘Enlightenment’. Once I took a step back, I learned religion for what it is. I was shown and appreciate what WE actually are and what our life becomes!! There is no sugar coating to make this allegation. My road was long and rough with constant study on a daily basis (some call it obsession) of two years. Yes, 2 years of utter consumption and desire to learn! I still have this energetic drive to decipher our process of evolution so that everyone can understand, even on the tiniest of scales.

     Please, please read on!! Let me guide you through some emotional and private paranormal descriptions to reach my explanation. A definition, piece by piece how every day particles are broken down so small they prove we don’t die! They prove our consciousness is not tied to our body. Come on, let me show you. If you want to know, please read what I decided to share so far. Let me know what you think; let me know you’re interested! If I get enough response (by ‘Contact’ing me with your request), more pages of my personal details will be added to this website. I hope you can bypass any editing errors. It was more important to get these thoughts out of my head and on paper.

Thank you for listening